What Is The Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate?

Helping Students Gain Work Ethic Skills Needed in Today’s Workplaces

The Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate (GWEC) provides Hoosier students with the a competitive advantage by providing the skills they need to become successful employees. 
Your child gains valuable work experience, and incentives for the future.

Students who earn the certificate also earn potential incentives.* This includes gift bags with merchandise for 6th and 8th grade students and college scholarships, guaranteed job interviews, applicant pool preference, tuition reimbursement for 12th graders.
Students also get to practice work ethic skills and receive feedback in the classroom. This helps students realize the importance of those skills and have opportunities to demonstrate those skills.
* Incentives are dependent on advisory board contributions and may vary from student to student.

   “By Earning The GWEC, Students Are Letting Employers Know That They Have The Skills Needed To Be Successful In The Workplace.”

                                                                                     Sara Matney, HR Director, Faurecia

Requirements of a GWEC Student

Students participating in the Governor’s WEC program will be required to demonstrate the following employability skills consistently throughout the school year of participation.

The following 5 competencies will require the signature of three (3) school employees who have had the student candidate in class for the entire academic year.


● Student is able to persevere through challenges and problem-solve;

● Student is accepting and demonstrates service to others, possesses a positive attitude and communicates clearly;
● Student is a self-starter and a critical thinker;
● Student is reliable and demonstrates responsibility and teamwork
● Student is organized punctual and demonstrates self-management.

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Student candidate will also be required to meet the following four (4) objective competencies for the entire academic year.

● Student demonstrates academic readiness and has a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 and has met or is on track to meet all graduation requirements;

● Student attendance rate is 98% or higher;
● Student has 1 or fewer discipline referrals for the school year;
● Student has completed a minimum of 6 hours of community service or volunteerism during the academic calendar.

Potential 6th and 8th Grade Incentives:

Gift bags for awards day.
All students who earn a work ethic certificate will be recognized
during a luncheon in the spring.


Potential 12th Grace Incentives:
Tuition Reimbursement
Flexible Work Schedule
Increased Base Pay
Applicant Pool Preference
Scholarship Opportunities
Guaranteed Job Interview
Cords at graduation

Membership to Columbus Young Professionals

Want to take the next step in becoming a GWEC Student?
Get started on acquiring the skills necessary for your future success.

6th Grade

Enter your email address to gain acces to necessary GWEC 6th Grader documents to learn more or start the enrollment process.

8th Grade

Enter your email address to gain acces to necessary GWEC 8th Grader documents to learn more or start the enrollment process.

12th Grade

Enter your email address to gain acces to necessary GWEC 12th Grader documents to learn more or start the enrollment process

GWEC Advisory Board Members

✓  American Axle
✓  Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp.
​✓  Bartholomew County Heritage Fund
✓  Bartholomew County Purdue Extension
✓  Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce
✓  Columbus Education Coalition
✓  Columbus Fire Department
✓  Columbus Municipal Airport
✓  Columbus Police Department
✓  Columbus Regional Health
✓  Columbus Young Professionals
✓  Cummins, Inc.
✓  Diverse Staffing
✓  Dorel
✓  Duke Energy
✓  Elwood Staffing
✓  Faurecia
✓  Force Construction Compay, Inc.
✓  Foundation For Youth
✓  Freddy’s Restaurant

✓  Ivy Tech
✓  Kenny Glass
✓  LHP Software
✓  Lucabe Coffee Co.
✓  McDonald’s Restaurant
✓  NTN Driveshaft, Inc.
✓  Purdue Polytechnic Institute Columbus
✓  Reising Radio Partners
✓  Sam’s Club
✓  Toyota Industrial Equipment
✓  United Way of Bartholomew County
✓  Vectren
✓  Vernet
✓  White River Broadcasting

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